Audi repair service

Tightly constructed and performing exceedingly well, the Audi reputation isn’t based on hype. But even the best engineering isn’t flawless and everything needs maintenance. Well familiar with Audi’s unique dynamics, Absolute Automotive technicians have repaired an abundance of problems particular to the brand. That includes what’s seemingly pretty minor, such the digital screen of notifications weakening and offering rows of dead pixels, to failing diverter values, cracked secondary water pumps and fuel gauges that give false readings. We also know how even the high horsepower models can fall prone to sluggish throttle problems and troubled turbos. We’re also very familiar with treating Audi’s with failing starters or stalling problems.


Absolute Automotive technicians use the same computerized diagnostic equipment as the dealership. We also use original manufacturer parts—particularly on imports—to maintain optimum functioning. This protects your warranty, ensuring that no service we perform risks voiding your manufacturer’s warranties. In fact, we use all the same service parts—right down to the vehicle’s fluids.