Common Auto Repair Services

From repairs to the chassis to the power train to the anything in-between, Absolute Automotive handles every kind of service and repair your car requires. Some of our most common repair services are listed below.

Axle Replacement
Cooling System Flush
Timing Belt Replacement
Belt Replacement
Electrical Diagnostic Services
Tire Rotation & Balance
Brake Replacement
Engine Replacement
Transmission Fluid Flush
Catalytic Converter Replacement
Fuel Induction Service
Transmission replacement
Complete Engine Diagnostic
Preventive Maintenance
Wheel Alignment

Customer Service

At Absolute Automotive, we believe customer service is everything. When you bring your vehicle in, we communicate with you throughout the process. We listen carefully as you describe your driving experience, as this information helps us better diagnose your vehicle's problem. Using the best diagnostic equipment available—the same equipment the dealer uses—we keep you updated on our findings, explain our recommendations, make only repairs your authorize, and whenever possible, provide insight on ways to prevent future problems.

We’re also attuned to your concerns. At Absolute Automotive, we understand that you’re a busy person, so if your scheudle has you tied up during the week we can, by appointment and with advanced notice, perform repairs on Saturdays.

Oil changes

Our commitment to using manufacturer-approved oil filters not only meets, but even exceeds, the specifications of your vehicle’s requirements. After all, an oil change is nothing less than your vehicle’s version of a full-blood transfusion. That’s why we insist on using Valvoline Oil, among the most reliable on the market. We’re also sure to reset all service lights back to their prior settings.

Battery changes

We keep a full line of interstate batteries in stock, meaning no ordering for us and no waiting for you. In most new battery cases, we’ll get you out and back on your way in 10 minutes.

Warning Lights

Every driver is acquainted with the mysteriously illuminating warning light. It’s usually accompanied by a pang of dread. It means a trip to the dealer for a lengthy and costly diagnosis process. Not the case at Absolute Automotive. If our technicians can’t ascertain why the light came on by drawing on their own mechanical know-how, we’ll employ the same computerized diagnostic equipment as the dealer—at a fraction of the cost. And we’ll promptly diagnose your car as efficiently as possible, so you can get it fixed and get back to driving free from a distracting and misleading flash on your dashboard.