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Need new tires for your vehicle? Well if you’re like most consumers, you’ll probably shop around until you find a tire service center with a reasonable price. Then, you’ll take your vehicle there to get your tires changed and you’re back on the road end of story. But, if you’re like most consumers you’re probably opting out of the most important service. There are four procedures that should be done when getting new tires on your vehicle, yet most consumers only get three. These four procedures are - Mounting, Balancing, Installation and Alignment. Guess which one is skipped over the most?

Here is a breakdown of what each procedure is.


This process Involves the removal of your old tire and it being replaced with a brand new tire. Your rim is snapped into a mounting machine which molds the tire around the rim and inflates it so that the edges of the tire catch the rim.


After your tire has been mounted on your wheel it has to be balanced. Using a wheel balancing machine, as shown here, your wheel is spun at a high rate of speed. The machine then checks to see if, at high revolutions, your wheel wobbles. If it does, we make the necessary adjustments to offset this wobble.


Once your wheel has been balanced it is then ready for installation. This is just the process of putting the wheels back on your vehicle.


And finally wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is adjusting your vehicle’s suspension so that the angles of your tires are positioned in such a way as to have maximum tire to road contact. This is done by using a wheel alignment lift as shown here. The most common reasons to have your wheels aligned.

  1. Stop uneven tread wear
  2. Prevents your vehicle from pulling to the left or right
  3. Prevents unnecessary steering wheel vibration.
  4. Centers your steering wheel with vehicle direction.

  1. What all should be done with the purchase of tires?
    A. You should have all the following procedures done - Mounting, Balancing, Installation and Alignment.

  2. How often should I have an alignment done?
    A. Every six months.

  3. Why should an alignment be done every six months?
    A. Constant use of your vehicle can cause your suspension to move out of position. It’s good practice to have this checked every six months to make sure it's centered.